Ironman threatens legal action against Triathlon Ireland: ‘Withdraw your statement on Ironman Cork’

Ironman Cork tragedy

That Ironman and Triathlon Ireland – the Irish federation – aren’t happy with each other after Ironman Cork, where two athletes died during the swim, was already clear. Days after the race, which was fatal for two male triathletes, Triathlon Ireland indicated that officials had already indicated before the start that Ironman should cancel the swim, due to rough seas and thus dangerous situations. Ironman denied the story a few days later and is now demanding that Triathlon Ireland withdraws their statement. Otherwise, Ironman is willing to go to court.

Ironman Cork was ravaged by severe weather earlier this month, which already postponed the race by a day. Even a day later, the water was still very rough, making the swim particularly difficult. Afterwards, many athletes complained about “tough conditions” that left them “scared” and having to “struggle” to stay on top.

Triathlon Ireland quickly let it be known that no permission had been given for the swim to go ahead, but that Ironman had done nothing with that notification. A few days after Triathlon Ireland’s statement, Ironman published a statement indicating that there had indeed been a notification from Triathlon Ireland, but that the notification did not come out until a few hours after the start. The swim had been completed by then.

Now lawyers for Ironman – The Irish Times reports – are demanding Triathlon Ireland to publicly withdraw their statement. If this does not happen, the federation will be sued by Ironman for defamation.