Jan Frodeno is corrected: ‘Kristian Blummenfelt didn’t swim near you’

Jan Frodeno wins PTO US Open (Picture: PTO)

After Jan Frodeno stated that he had been punched by Kristian Blummenfelt during the PTO US Open – something the German allegedly happened while rounding the first swim buoy – he is receiving quite a bit of criticism online. Reason: according to fans, Blummenfelt would not have been swimming near Frodeno at all at that moment.

After Frodeno made the statement – right after his victory of the race – fans took another look at the race footage and came up with the conclusion that Blummenfelt was still quite a bit behind Frodeno at the first buoy. Only later would the Norwegian come alongside the German. “So how could he have punched you that point?” a lot of people are asking online.

Frodeno was visibly irritated when he made the statement and also immediately indicated “the throne will stay with me”.