Alistair Brownlee after surgery: ‘I’m optimistically I’ll be able to compete before the end of the year’

Alistair Brownlee (Picture: Instagram Brownlee / PTO)

It was a disappointment for thousands of fans worldwide, but especially for Alistair Brownlee himself: after the PTO European Open on Ibiza, the Briton was out of action due to injury, which also made it impossible to qualify for the Ironman World Championship in Nice. Fortunately, Brownlee, who says he had surgery on his ankle, is positive and still expects to race this year.

“I’ve been struggling with ankle pain for the last few months.

“A few weeks ago I had surgery on my ankle to remove a bone spur, which had been causing lots of issues for the surrounding joints and muscles and keeping me from running properly.

“It’s a big shame to miss out on upcoming races but it’s also a big relief that we’ve successfully removed something that has caused me so many issues.

“Time to rest up and recover. I’m optimistically hoping the recovery will be quick and I’ll be able to compete before the end of the year.”