Karel Sabbe breaks world record Pacific Crest Trail: 4300 kilometers of running in 46 days

Karel Sabbe during his world record attempt (Picture: Insta Sabbe)

He already held the world record for fastest time over the Pacific Crest Trail in 2016, when he completed the 4,300-kilometer-long run – from Mexico to the border of Canada – in 52 days, until Timothy Olson then finished faster and set the world record 51 days. Belgian Karel Sabbe wasn’t happy with losing his world record, so he went back to this tough trail again in recent weeks. He has since regained the world record, as last week he finished the trail and stopped the clock at 46 days, 12 hours and 50 minutes.

With his world record time, Sabbe breaks the former world record by five days and four hours. Sabbe ran an average of a whopping 94 kilometers per day. “What an adventure. Thanks to my crew for all the effort. And now it’s time to sleep,” he wrote briefly about his achievement. In the final days of his run, Sabbe was pushing it even more, he wrote on Instagram at the time. “A couple of days away from the Canadian border. Time to push the pedal to the metal.”