Kristian Blummenfelt: ‘Happy with the way my body responded after double racing’

Kristian Blummenfelt takes it all at PTO Asian Open (Picture: PTO / Insta Blummenfelt)

Last weekend Kristian Blummenfelt raced first in Paris (on Friday during the Olympic Test Event) and then in Singapore (on Sunday during the PTO Asian Open). Quite a few people were surprised by this combination, but with a ninth-place finish in Paris and a win in Singapore, Blummenfelt can look back on a more than succesfull week.

“Stoked to take my fist PTO Open Win! And happy with the way my body responded after double racing this weekend. Well done to Pieter Heemeryck and Jason West for rounding up the podium.”

Enjoy some of the best race shots of Blummenfelt: