Ricardo Batista and Mathilde Gautier European Champions Supersprint

Mathilde Gautier wins European Championship Supersprint (Picture: Instagram Gautier / Activ'images)

In hot Turkey, Ricardo Batista (POR) and Mathilde Gautier (FRA) crowned themselves European Champions Supersprint. After 270 meters of swimming, 8 kilometers of cycling and 1.7 kilometers of running, they proved to be the best athletes in Europe over this ultra-short distance.

Yesterday, both athletes had already effortlessly qualified for today’s finals, which were thus won. Batista owed this to a faster run than his competitors; when he crossed the finish line with a total time of 20:34 minutes, his lead over German Lasse Nygaard Priester was five seconds. Richard Murray, racing for The Netherlands, finished third and was eleven seconds behind the winner.

The differences in the women’s race were also small; how could it be otherwise at such an ultra-short distance. Mathilde Gautier won the race in a time of 23:05, just one second ahead of Germany’s Selina Klamt. Britain’s Jessica Fullagar ended up five seconds short of the gold, finishing third in 23:10.