Gustav Iden ends season: ‘I feel like I’ve failed all tests this year’

Gustav Iden ends his season (Picture: Instagram Iden)

Last year Gustav Iden became world champion at Kona, but this year everything is a little less positive for the Norwegian. After a very difficult year – with disappointing performances and the loss of his mother – Iden now announces that he will not be competing this year anymore. Together with coach and doctor it was decided to end the season because he is struggling with an injury.

“Its sad to announce that my season is over. Struggled a bit with my Achilles last few weeks. Together with my doctor and coach we decided to end the season here. I honestly feel relieved in a way. This year has been one test after the other, and I feel like I have failed them all. No matter what I did 2023 would never be a good one. To get injured was just the last failed test that ended this season once and for all.

“Will be spending some of my time off in Nice at the launch of a short movie/anime made by On, called TriKings starring Kristian Blummenfelt and myself. It’s a shame to go to Nice and not race, but I will be back at the start line where I belong when the time is right.”