Pablo Dapena Gonzalez announces farewell as a professional athlete: ‘It’s time to give back’

Archive picture Pablo Dapena Gonzalez. (Picture: Instagram Dapena Gonzalez)

He will race two more times as a pro athlete: first at Challenge Mallorca and then another smaller local race in Ibiza. After that – at October 22 – Pablo Gonzalez Dapena’s pro career is over. Dapena Gonzalez, one of the most successful Spanish athletes of his generation, has just announced his retirement as a pro athlete.

Gonzalez Dapena went to study in Hungary in 2009 and also started triathlon during that time. “From there, my story is already known. It has been thirteen very intense years that have flown by and on October 22 will close a stage, but surely another door will open, the same always linked to triathlon. It’s time to give back everything this sport has given me. Thank you.”