Challenge Riccione turns into brand new Challenge Cesenatico

Challenge Cesenatico

It’s a new race, but not completely: after it was previously revealed that the popular Italian race Challenge Riccione could no longer take place due to problems with course permissions, the race is now being moved to another location – just a few kilometers away – and with it comes a different name as well: Challenge Cesenatico.

The new race will take place on the weekend of May 11, 2024, and the Middle Distance will take place along the Adriatic Sea and the region of Romagna, which is already well-known to triathlon fans. Starting from the beach of Cesenatico, the bike course initially starts out flat but then leads forty kilometers through the hills (900 altimeters in total, ed.), but the run is again completely flat and athletes run along the water almost the entire time.

According to the city’s mayor, months of hard work have gone into making the race a reality in 2024. “We have been working for months – together with the DMO – to bring this event to Cesenatico, and we believe it can be the best way to open the 2024 season with a bang. Behind this choice there is a strong desire to further internationalize a destination like Cesenatico that is now recognized, and not only at a national level, for its focus on outdoor tourism and major sporting events.”

Challenge Family CEO Jort Vlam added: “There is always a silver lining in every cloud. We have moved just a few kilometres up the coast and in doing so have secured an even more memorable location for our athletes,” he said. “Cesenatico is a town that embraces sport wholeheartedly and we are looking forward to working with our local team and the municipality to set a new benchmark for triathlon in the region.”