Léo Bergere and Kate Waugh take final standings Super League Triathlon

Léo Bergere winst SLT season 2023 (Picture: SLT)

After races in London, Toulouse and Malibu, the decision for the Super League Triathlon standing fell today in Neom. In a race that included three swims (300 meters), rides (4 kilometers) and runs (1.6 kilometers), Léo Bergere and Cassandre Beaugrand proved to be the strongest athletes of the day. In the men, Bergere thus also took the final classification, while in the women, Britain’s Kate Waugh went home with that honor.

Léo Bergere thus finished his SLT season in style. While the race in Neom took place in a desolate desert – where it in no way resembles the futuristic city that should one day rise there – an exciting duel between Bergere and Hayden Wilde developed. The two already showed several times this season to be of roughly equal caliber, and that proved to be word again. Because Bergere was allowed to take a shortcut one time in the third and thus last heat of today and thus gained about ten meters, he eventually took the victory and the final ranking. Hayden Wilde and Alex Yee finished second and third in the standings.

In the women’s race, the win went to Cassandre Beaugrand, who was followed by Kate Waugh and Jeanne Lehair. Waugh and Lehair both finished on 44 points in the final standings thanks to their second and third place in Neom, but because Waugh finished the last race ahead of Lehair, she can call herself this season’s champion. Lehair thus finished second in the final standings and Emma Lombardi – who finished fourth in Neom today – finished third in the standings. Beaugrand finished fourth.