World record ‘Backyard Ultra’ broken: Harvey Lewis runs 724 kilometers

Harvey Lewis runs to world record Backyard Ultra (Picture: Instagram Lewis)

724.25 kilometers: American Harvey Lewis had his way with it during the World Championship Backyard Ultra held in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, USA, and broke the world record at this extreme race.

At the World Championship Backyard Ultra, participants must complete a 6.706-kilometer lap every hour until one runner remains. The time between completing a lap and when the clock reads another hour can be used to rest, eat, drink or do whatever participants feel like. During the World Championships, 75 runners participated.

The race was won by Harvey Lewis, who managed to complete a whopping 108 laps. By comparison, Lewis also won the World Championship Backyard Ultra two years ago, but then managed to complete “only” 85 laps. The former world record stood at 102 laps, so now over 40 kilometers were added to that.