Major Zwift update: level cap from 60 to 100

Jan Frodeno on Zwift

While Zwifters could get to level 60 for now, that so-called level cap has been raised to level 100 with the most recent update – which has already been implemented for some Zwifters and will be rolled out in phases for others in the coming days. That means forty extra levels to get through, although less xp per level is needed and so it will be faster to level up.

For many Zwifters, reaching the maximum rider level is a nice challenge. For months Zwifters could not get beyond level 60, but as always Zwift raises the level cap after a while. However, with such a big jump as now – forty levels that is – never happened before. Zwifters who were already at level 60 will go up faster over the next forty levels than Zwifters who have not yet reached level 60. For a detailed explanation and calculation of the new level system, you can go here. In any case, according to Zwift, it will take at least 240 hours for Zwifters to go from level 60 to level 100.

The same update also allows Zwifters to downgrade climbs in the so-called Climb Portal in terms of gradient. That means you can also ride climbs at 50% or 75%: the distance remains the same, but you cover less altimeters and so the climbs are then easier. Real heroes can also go the extra mile: they can set the climb to 125% and thus see the gradient actually increase.

If Zwifters choose 50% or 75% gradient, segments within Strava will be automatically plotted. This is done to keep the rankings within Strava fair.