Triathlon Today’s most-read articles: 4-2

Most read articles Triathlon Today

As every year, we also close 2023 with an overview of the most popular articles. Good to know: popularity in this case is measured by the amount of clicks. In other words: the top twenty articles that you see passing by between Christmas and New Year’s Eve were the most read on Triathlon Today this year.

We have enjoyed a year of wonderful achievements. Many of those accomplishments come to pass. But of course much more happened. Today we continue with numbers 4-2, to finally end at number one on December 31: the most read article of 2023!


Even the big boss himself, Ironman CEO Andrew Messick, was not happy with Triathlon Today’s fair coverage of what happened at Ironman Hamburg. It resulted in some remarkable emails.

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What a day at Challenge Almere-Amsterdam! Both Els Visser and Menno Koolhaas crowned themselves European Champion Long Distance and Koolhaas finished in 7:36:36, one of the fastest world-times ever.

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So sad to say goodbye to Jan Frodeno, but the video of his last finish as a pro athlete is awesome and unforgettable!

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