Agnes Ngetich pulverizes world record 10km

Agnes Ngetich (Picture: World Athletics)

It is the best way for Kenyan Agnes Ngetich to start the year 2024; in Valencia, she has just pulverized the world record for the ten kilometers on the road. She finished in a stunning time of 28:46, which not only took 28 seconds off the previous world record, but is also faster than the world record 10,000 meters on the track (29:01) and now Ngetich is the first woman ever to go under the 29 minutes at this distance as well.

Halfway through the race, magic already appeared to be in the air, when Ngetich came through in a time of 14:13 minutes. During the second five kilometers, she lost some time, but with a finishing time of 28:46, Ngetich was from another world today. “I didn’t expect this world record,” she admitted to herself immediately after the finish. “I wanted to improve my own time (29:14, ed.), but I didn’t see it coming that I would run a 28’er.”

A finishing time of 28:46 minutes over ten kilometers means an average speed of 20.86 kilometers per hour and an average pace of 2:52 minutes per kilometer.