PTO announces London as fourth venue PTO Tour 2024

It’s pretty remarkable: last week the PTO announced that it will present tomorrow – Jan. 30 – which races will be part of the PTO Tour in 2024. Since then, however, it has been indicated that Las Vegas will be part of the Tour, and now it appears that the same is true of London. Previously, Ibiza and Singapore were already known to be races within the PTO Tour.

The London race, which until last year continued under the label of Challenge Family, is thus the fourth race that will be part of the PTO Tour this year and will take place in the weekend of July 27 and 28.

That the PTO is including the London race within its PTO Tour, according to PTO CEO Sam Renouf, comes according to a long-standing good partnership with Challenge Family. “Since the PTO’s inception we have had a close partnership with Challenge Family, with shared ideals and ambition to grow the sport. Its history tells us this is a world class event and it’s very much our ambition to continue the good work Challenge started and return it to that status as one of the largest in the world.”