Scott DeRue presented as new CEO Ironman

Scott DeRue new Ironman CEO (Picture: press release Ironman)

It has taken a while – Ironman was actually supposed to present a new CEO before the end of 2023 – but it is now clear that Scott DeRue will lead the brand for the foreseeable future. As successor to Andrew Messick – who has been criticized pretty often – the brand new American CEO should give Ironman a new impetus.

During the initial period with DeRue at the helm, Messick will remain connected to Ironman as an advisor. In addition, Messic will remain part of the Board of Directors. Prior to his move to Ironman, DeRue was leading Equinox, a lifestyle and fitness brand with 107 fitness clubs, a fitness platform and various training and coaching components. As an endurance athlete himself, DeRue ran the 250-kilometer Gobi March ultramarathon and he is also an avid mountaineer.

“I am honored to join and lead this purpose-driven organization that for 45 years has consistently tested the boundaries of human achievement and underscored the belief that Anything is Possible,” said DeRue. “My life has been deeply enriched by being part of the global endurance community and I feel incredibly fortunate to lead The IRONMAN Group in its mission to inspire people to be the best version of themselves through testing the limits of their physical and mental strength.”