Sebastian Kienle’s farewell book ‘Let go now’

Sebastian Kienle's Let go now book (Picture: press release)

In his own words, photographer and filmmaker René Domke stayed with Sebastian Kienle for 365 days last year, in order to capture the German former world champion’s farewell year as best as possible. This has now resulted in the book ‘Let go now’.

The book, which thus captures 12 months in an equal number of chapters, also has a foreword by none other than Jan Frodeno, who also seized 2023 to herald his retirement as a professional athlete. Above all, the book should show how difficult it is to let go of the sport of triathlon – and thus the passion for it – all the more so because Kienle spent years there acting at the highest level. Emotions such as fear, loneliness and doubts all come into play. In all, the book has 240 pages and 170 photos.