Ironman will continue to rotate World Championship between Kona and Nice in coming years

Ironman World Championship at Kona. (Picture: World Championship Ironman Facebook)

While criticisms are not always mild – recently, for example, top athlete Lucy Charles-Barclay indicated she would not defend her IM World Championship title in Nice – Ironman is sticking with its two rotating venues for the World Championship for now. The dates for 2025 were presented immediately, as was confirmation that rotation between two venues will continue in 2026.

In 2024, the women’s Ironman World Championship will take place Sept. 22 in Nice and the men’s Ironman World Championship will take place Oct. 26 in Kona. Next year, the men will move back to Nice and then compete for the world titles on Sept. 14, 2025. The women will then compete at Kona on Oct. 11, 2025.