French President Macron: ‘I’ll swim in the Seine’

The Seine (Picture: prachtigparijs)

Even though the water quality of the Seine is still far below the safety standards set by the European Union and thus the Olympic triathlon – as well as other open water sports such as open water swimming, for example – seems to be in jeopardy, French President Macron still have faith in some good developments for the time being. He firmly believes that the water quality of the river, where swimming has not been allowed since 1923 because of poor water quality, will improve in time and will swim in the Seine himself.

He said this during the inauguration of the Olympic Village, in the North of Paris and adjacent to the banks of the Seine. “The river will no longer be the same, there is huge investment in it,” he referred to the 1.4 billion euros Paris is putting in to improve water quality. “That’s great.”

By his own admission, Macron will swim in the waters of the Seine himself, to demonstrate that it is safe. When he will do so, he did not disclose. “Otherwise all of you will come and see me”, he joked to the journalists present.