Magnificent denouement Barkley Marathons, five runners cross finish line, including first woman

Ihor Verys af first Barkley Marathons 2024 finisher (Picture: Triathlon Today)

In an edition that was already marked by records – no fewer than twelve runners completed the so-called ‘Fun Run’ of three laps as well as seven runners started the fifth and final lap – no fewer than five runners eventually crossed the finish line of the Barkley Marathons. Ihor Verys turned out to be the fastest. The Canadian ultrarunner had completed his five laps after 58:44:59, giving him a 75-minute margin on the magic cutoff of sixty hours. Immediately afterwards, he uttered the already legendary words, “Couldn’t you have added a sixth lap?” In addition, the first woman in history also crossed the finish line: Jasmin Paris.

You can find all the details about the leaden Barkley Marathons – which is unprecedentedly popular, followed by tens of thousands of people online each year and considered the toughest ultrarun in the world – here. Less than 20 runners have crossed the finish line since the first edition in 1989, and last year was a unique edition when three ultrarunners crossed the finish line. This year, with five finishers, that record was surpassed. In addition to Verys, John Kelly (59:15:38), Jared Campbell (59:30:32), Greig Hamilton (59:38:42) and Jasmin Paris (59:58:21) also crossed the finish line. Paris, who thus becomes the first woman ever to finish the Barkley Marathons, had 1:39 minute left to reach the finish when she crossed the line.

Of the seven runners who started the final lap, Damian Hall and Sebastian Raichon did not make it to the finish line.