[VIDEO] Documentary Barkley Marathons: pure magic and insane hardships

Barkley Marathons (Picture: Triathlon Today)

As the Barkley Marathons – arguably the toughest ultrarun in the world and the most followed anyway – got underway this morning, the Internet is once again abuzz with people trying to follow anything about the race that has taken on almost mythical proportions. Why the race has captured the imagination so much can be seen in the documentary below of the 2023 edition.

That 2023 edition was a very special one, as no less than three runners crossed the finish line. In the seven years before, no one crossed the finish line, and since the first edition in 1989, only seventeen tough guys crossed the finish line. In this article you can read all about the race and the special things that take place.

Below is a documentary of the 2023 edition: