Matthieu Bonne attempts new world record: run 1038 kilometers within 6 days

Matthieu Bonne at his world record attempt (Picture: Instagram Bonne / @stefreynaert)

The fact that Matthieu Bonne is not averse to extreme challenges has already been proven several times: in 2022, for example, he completed 8 Long Distances in 8 days and just last year he broke a world record by cycling 3619 kilometers in one week. Currently, Bonne is in the midst of the exciting denouement of yet another world record attempt: running 1,038 kilometers in six days.

That distance is extreme anyway, of course, but Bonne also does it by running laps on an athletics track (of 400 meters, ed.). So in total, Bonne has to run 2595 laps to improve the world record. Per day, Bonne has to run about 170 kilometers to cover enough distance within the applicable time limit.

Bonne’s mother – Carole Niernynck – reveals to Belgian website VRT that she does not fully understand the attempt. “I have no idea how he came up with this challenge. There are more fun things to do,” she said.

You can see exactly how far Bonne is via this link. At the time of writing – Thursday, March 28, 9:00 a.m. – Bonne has completed 1609 laps and has 55 hours left.