Matthieu Bonne quits world record attempt after 793 kilometers of running

Bonne just before he pulled out (Picture: Instagram Bonne)

Full of motivation, Matthieu Bonne began his world record attempt earlier this week to run a minimum of 1038 kilometers in six days. He did so at an athletics track in Belgium, where he thus had to complete a minimum of 2595 laps. This morning, however, Bonne abandoned his record attempt after 793 kilometer of running.

The past 24 hours were leaden, the athlete’s team wrote on his social media channels. This was mainly due to the strong winds. When Bonne stopped this morning, after 1983 laps and thus 793.2 kilometers, the ultra-athlete went to the hospital for a medical checkup.

It is possible that Bonne will cover some more kilometers – he has until Saturday afternoon – but the world record will then be out of reach anyway.