[VIDEO] Jonas Deichmann talks about world record attempt of 120 Long Distances in a row

Bob Babbitt (left) and Jonas Deichmann (Picture: Triathlon Today)

A few weeks back it became clear that Jonas Deichmann – known for his ultra adventures – is taking on a new challenge. On May 9, he will start 120 Long Distances in as many days on the course of Challenge Roth. That means he will swim 456 kilometers in four months, bike 21000 kilometers and run 5063 kilometers. On July 7, when Deichmann is exactly halfway through his 120 days, the German ultra athlete will start race the official Challenge Roth event. As mentioned, he will race the same course on his own initiative on the other days.

Bob Babbitt, best known for his interviews around the Ironman World Championships at Kona, spoke with Deichmann about his upcoming attempt: