120 times Challenge Roth in a row: Jonas Deichmann prepares for new world record

Deichmann (Picture: Instagram Deichmann)

Whereas it is a dream for tens of thousands of triathletes to do Challenge Roth at least once someday, German Jonas Deichmann is doing no less than 120 this year. The triathlete, whom we also know from his triathlon ‘around the world’ among other things, will run the full course of Challenge Roth every day starting May 9, in an attempt to break the world record of as many Long Distances in a row in consecutive days.

That record currently stands at 105 Long Distances in as many days, but Deichmann thinks that record could be sharpened and thus wants to do at least fifteen more. For Deichmann, that means swimming 3.8 kilometers for 120 days in a row (he will not swim in the Main-Danube canal due to swimming restrictions, but in the Rothsee, ed.), biking 180 kilometers every day and running 42.2 kilometers every day as well.

Deichmann starts on May 9 and, in the four months that follow, completes 456 kilometers of swimming, 21000 kilometers of cycling and 5063 kilometers of running. On July 7, when Deichmann is exactly halfway through his 120 days, the German athlete will start at the Challenge Roth race. As mentioned, he will race the same course on his own initiative on the other days. “I will always be an adventurer, but I want to find out what is really possible and where better to do that than at the legendary Challenge Roth.”

Deichmann urges people to especially join him on his adventure, even if only for a few hours.