Jonas Deichmann completes “Triathlon Around the World”

(Photo: Revir Film Dresden/Jonas Deichmann Instagram RR)

He completed a distance of 120 Long Distances and crossed eighteen countries while doing so. After 429 days, Germany’s Jonas Deichmann finished his “Triathlon Around the World” in Munich. Obviously, it wasn’t always an easy trip.

Even during the final days of this extreme challenge, Deichmann dealt with setbacks as he had to go through blizzards. In Russia, Deichmann dealt with similar conditions. “It was an incredible adventure with so many ups and downs, but for now I’m mostly happy to have finished it.”

Deichmann took off in September 2020, starting in Munich. He then biked to Karlobag, Croatia, where he started a 450-km-long swim journey along the Adriatic coast. After 54 days he reached Dubrovnik, where he got back on his bike; this time for a distance of 17,000 km through Ukraine and Russia. Then he crossed the Pacific Ocean (by boat) to run 120 marathons from Tijuana until Cancun, Mexico. He needed 117 days to cover a distance of 5060 km. After hopping on a boat to Lisbon, there were 4000 km left to ride back to Munich.

Soon a book and movie about Deichmann’s adventures will be released. In the meanwhile, you can see many nice videos on his YouTube account: