Another new format within the triathlon world: ‘Couples Championship’ with prize pool $100,000

Taylor Spivey and Vincent Luis. (Picture:

While Super League Triathlon regularly comes up with new formats – recently it was announced that they want to develop eSports towards a World Championships and Olympic sports – and last year we could enjoy the Collins Cup thanks to Challenge Family and the PTO, but a whole new format has just been announced again. During the so-called ‘Couples Championship’, well-known triathlon couples will race against each other and for good reason, as there is a whopping $100,000 at stake.

The race is scheduled for March 6, 2022 and will be held in Florida. Pro triathletes who have been in a relationship for more than six months can compete. The first athlete of the couple swims 400 meters, then bikes 16 kilometers and then runs five more kilometers. After that, the second partner completes the same distance and even after that the race is not finished, as both athletes will do the same distances again.

The title sponsor of the event is Waterfall Bank. Couples who will be racing include Josh Amberger and Ashleigh Gentle, Jaryd Browne and Emma Pallant, Mirinda Carfrae and Timothy O’Donnell, Paula Findlay and Eric Lagerstrom, Lara Gruden and Sam Long, Kirsten Kasper and Matt Sharpe, Aaron Royle and Non Stanford and Vincent Luis and Taylor Spivey. A listing of all the couples can be found here.