Marathon des Sables starts this Sunday: six days of battling through Moroccan desert

Marathon des Sables (Picture: Instagram Marathon des Sables)

Running for six days through the Moroccan desert, completing 252.8 kilometers: the Marathon des Sables is infamous and famous, and this year – the longest edition ever – 868 participants are ready to take the challenge.

Next Sunday, the Marathon des Sables will start with a first stage of 41 kilometers. The second day immediately follows the toughest stage: 85 kilometers. As always, participants are dependent on their own care: food and drink will be carried by themselves. Along the way, participants do encounter waterpoints to have refills.

Temperatures can rise to well over forty degrees during the Marathon des Sables, while participants run across the hot sands of the desert. Participants are not allowed to run behind the ‘broom wagon’: a camel that covers the entire route at a pace of three kilometers per hour.