Alberte Kjaer Pedersen sprints to victory World Triathlon Cup Huatulco

Alberte Kjaer Pedersen sprints to World Triathlon Cup Huatulco finish (Picture: World Triathlon)

Denmark’s Alberte Kjaer Pedersen just took a nice victory at the World Triathlon Cup Huatulco. After an exciting sprint with Rachel Klamer and Solveig Lovseth, it was the Danish athlete who came away with the win.

The run in Huatulco was exciting anyway and most of all all-decisive. After the swim and bike, there was a leading group of over twenty women, so the final five-kilometer run (the race was over the Sprint Distance, ed.) had to bring decision in the battle for podium.

During the run, as is actually always happening, the leading group fell apart fairly quickly and the first women began to drop out. In Pedersen’s case, this did not happen at all, as she kept a nice pace and stayed right at the front, eventually heading toward the finish line alone with the Dutch Rachel Klamer and Norwegian Solveig Lovseth. Klamer may have had the best chances for the victory – if only on the basis of experience – but it was Pedersen who accelerated first and, with about two hundred meters to go, proved to be unbeatable. Klamer did still pull off a sprint, finishing second and staying just ahead of Lovseth, who thus finished third. All three women recorded a finishing time of 1:04:54.