Nasty crash Sebastian Kienle: multiple bone fractures in hand

Sebastian Kienle after his crash (Picture: Instagram Kienle)

It may be a miracle that the damage is so relatively minor, because when Sebastian Kienle collided with a car while cycling at a speed of about 45 kilometers per hour this weekend, it could have been much worse. The German former pro athlete and world champion sustained a pair of hand fractures from the crash.

Kienle was competing in a gravel race in Aachen. “My first gravel race ended in the ER of RWTH Aachen hospital. Considering that I hit a car with about 45kph that was crossing the race course, I’m very grateful that I just broke a couple of bones in my right hand. Thanks to the first responders (esp. the lady in the picture who knows her job, I literally was in good hands) and doctors.”

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