New Look & Feel for Challenge Family, athletes can win a free entry slot to a race of their choice

A new look and feel for Challenge Family: a new website, slight change in the logo, a different font and some changes in certain color schemes. Big brands try to keep up with the latest trends as much as possible and so does Challenge Family. For athletes, not much will change immediately – except for that new website – but it’s very nice that all athletes will have a chance to win a free entry slot to a race of their choice.

“This is more than a new look,” said Challenge Family. “It’s a renewal of our commitment to you – to create events that are as enjoyable as they are challenging, and as welcoming as they are rewarding. We’re here to support you, to celebrate you, and to cross every finish line with you.”

To have a change on that free entry slot, all you have to do is to like and share the Challenge Family Facebook or Instagram post about their new look. There will be multiple winners, so perhaps it pays off.