Zwift increases subscription price by 33 percent

Zwift increases subscription prices with 33 percent (Picture: press release)

From 14.99 euros per month to 19.99 euros per month; it was a bit of a shock for many Zwifters who received an email from Zwift with the new price Zwift is charging for a monthly subscription. The virtual training program is getting substantially more expensive, implementing a price hike of a whopping 33 percent.

It was previously known that Zwift – despite huge increases in the number of users – is having an incredibly difficult time: several rounds of layoffs have already been implemented, resulting in significant cuts in the workforce. In addition, several price increases have been implemented in recent years, although the subscription price has been fairly stable in recent years.

Zwift did introduce an annual subscription for the first time in late 2023, less than half a year ago. Users could then pay 150 euros at once instead of 14.99 euros per month and then received 12 months of access to Zwift, so that saved two months in payment.

With the new pricing, 19.99 euros per month, the annual subscription also remains. That requires a payment of 200 euros, so Zwifters still will get two months as a gift then.

Not all users have yet received an email about the price increase. However, the new prices are already visible on Zwift’s website.