Commotion at largest airport The Netherlands: triathlon starting gun causes huge alarms

Dutch Triathlon organizer Lars Vreugdenhil after taking a starting gun in his backpack to the airport. (Picture: Facebook Vreugdenhil)

No doubt he can laugh a little about it himself – at least the hours afterwards – but Dutch triathlon organizer Lars Vreugdenhil caused quite some commotion at Schiphol Airport today. All alarm bells went off at the biggest Dutch airport when he arrived with a triathlon starting gun in his backpack.

Last weekend Vreugdenhil organized a race in The Netherlands and earlier today he was about to board a plane to Mallorca, where he lives. However, he almost didn’t make that plane, according to a rather hilarious post on his social media. “After the last start wave of the triathlon I gave my starting gun to someone asking him to put it in my backpack. But that person then puts the gun in the net on the side of the bag (where normally a water bottle goes and which you rarely use), so I didn’t noticed it at all.”

“Almost half of Schiphol flattened. Almost missed my flight. Almost got arrested…and experienced from a little too close what happens when all the alarm bells go off when a ‘firearm’ is found….”