Ironman launches spring 2025 IM 70.3 schedule for USA & Canada

(Picture: press release Ironman)

Ironman is pleased to unveil its spring 2025 IM 70.3 race calendar for the United States and Canada.
“The release of our 2025 spring Ironman 70.3 triathlon schedule for the U.S. and Canada will allow athletes to plan ahead on race dates, destinations and available options, while locking in the benefits of Flex90 registration. With many of these events selling out year after year, this information will help athletes design the best, most convenient race schedule to achieve their 2025 race goals. The incredible circuit begins with the historic kickoff race in Oceanside in April and ventures across the United States and Canada,” said Keats McGonigal, Senior Vice President & Managing Director of North America for The IM Group. “Athletes should expect the remaining schedule for this stunning 2025 circuit to be released over the coming months.”
Below is a listing of spring Ironman 70.3 triathlons in the United States and Canada that are now open for general registration: