[VIDEO] Sam Laidlow shares bizarre drafting video Ironman Klagenfurt: ‘Let’s do something about it’

Sam Laidlow shares drafting video Ironman Klagenfurt

None other than Ironman World Champion Sam Laidlow stood along the course of Ironman Klagenfurt yesterday – Sunday, June 16 – to cheer on some of his compatriots there. While there, however, he captured some very striking footage of the large group at the front – consisting of some fourteen pro athletes – showing how closely they were riding together. You can also see a number of professional athletes riding on the wrong side of the road.

Drafting has been a problem within the triathlon world for ages; pro athletes and also Age Groupers often seek the limit and at least as often cross it. Given the footage shared by Laidlow, that was blatantly the case yesterday. You can view the images below and find a detailed race report here.