[VIDEO] Els Visser miraculously escapes hard crash Ironman Hamburg

Els Visser escapes a crash at Ironman Hamburg (Picture: trirating)

Els Visser did not have luck on her side last weekend when she got a flat tire during Ironman Hamburg and lost ten minutes, but she was also run over by Sara Svensk. At least, almost, because miraculously Visser managed to stay on her bike and escape a hard crash.

At a turning point – where athletes had to turn 180 degrees – Visser used her brakes. Svensk, who was riding behind her, was conspicuously unaware that a turning point was approaching and did not notice until much too late that Visser was slowing down. At high speed she slammed into the back of the Dutch athlete, causing herself to fall. That Visser escaped unscathed – and eventually raced to a nice fifth place overall – may actually be called a miracle. You can see the video below: