Chris Nikic in documentary “Anything is Possible – The Series” on NBC

Chris Nikic in documentary 'Anything is Possible - The Series' on NBC. (Photo: Screenshot Twitter)

While many of us look back at 2020 as a “bad year” in triathlon, for Chris Nikic it was quite the opposite. The young man from Maitland, Florida, wrote history by being the first athlete with Down syndrome to finish a full-distance triathlon. Ever since this incredible performance Nikic has been all over the news, and it hasn’t stopped with written interviews or a training session with world-champion triathlete Javier Gomez, because Nikic will be featured in the first episode of “Anything Is Possible – The Series” this Sunday.

Nikic will be followed during his training and racing. You can watch the documentary on NBC on January 3, 2021, at 2:00pm (EST).