Florian Neuschwander sets new 100 km treadmill world record

(Photo: Screenshot YouTube)

6:26:10. That was how long it took before Florian Neuschwander, finally got to hit “stop” on his treadmill. Not only did he finally have a chance to rest, he got to do so while feeling on top of the world as he just claimed the world record.

The German ultra runner was an impressive 13 minutes faster than the previous record. On the road the world record is 6:08:14. Just last week someone came close to beating that record, but missed it by a painful eleven seconds.

Neuschwander didn’t seem to have much trouble running this fast time. In the last two kilometers of his race he even significantly increased the pace, running his fastest kilometers with the finish line in sight.

Patrick Lange joined virtually Neuschwander for 20 km. In the final meters the former Ironman world champion supported his friend via a video call: “Incredible. You are writing history,” Lange shouted with enthusiasm.

Lange definitely wasn’t the only athlete supporting Neuschwander. On Zwift a great group of people “surrounded” the German for parts of his run.