Joel Rosinbum becomes first paratriathlete to be elected as the USA Triathlon Board of Directors President

Joel Rosinbum racing Lausanne. (Picture: Tommy Zaferes / ITU Media)

Elite paratriathlete Joel Rosinbum has been named the new USA Triathlon Board of Directors President after the Board’s 2021 officer elections. Rosinbum is the first paratriathlete in USA Triathlon’s history to be elected to the position.

“I’ve been elected President of the USA Triathlon Board of Directors. I’m super honored and excited. I never would have thought that I’d have a chance to help lead USA Triathlon when I joined the board 6 years ago.”

Kevin Haas, a Board member since 2013 and Treasurer from 2014-2020, was elected Vice President. Henry Brandon has been named Treasurer, and incumbent Keri Serota was re-elected to her post as Secretary.

Rosinbum, who is from Austin, Texas, has served as Vice President of the Board since 2019. He first joined the Board in 2015 as an elite athlete representative. Rosinbum is a four-time USA Paratriathlon national champion, the 2015 ITU Aquathlon world champion in the men’s PTS4 division, a two-time ITU Paratriathlon World Cup medalist and the 2017 Edmonton ITU World Paratriathlon Series bronze medalist. He has held a number of other leadership positions on the Board, including chair of both USA Triathlon’s Athlete Advisory Committee (AAC) and Nominating & Governance Committee.

“The sport of triathlon has been through its most challenging year in history, but we are on the road to recovery,” Rosinbum said. “As USA Triathlon Board President, I am eager to begin charting the path forward, with a focus on serving the multisport community and reaching new audiences. I am proud to have been a voice for elite athletes and paratriathletes throughout my service on the Board. It’s an honour to be the first Athlete Director to serve as Board President.”