Another eight top triathletes announced to race Challenge Miami

Eight more top triathletes announced to race Challenge Miami. (Photo: Screenshot Instagram Challenge Miami)

After Challenge Miami (Mar. 12, 2021) announced a couple of big names who will start of the inaugural event – Paula Findlay and Lionel Sanders – the organizers dropped another eight big names today, including Ironman world champion Anne Haug and seven-time full-distance champion Ben Hoffman.

Add Sarah Crowley, Skye Moench, Rudy von Berg, Timothy O’Donnell, Carrie Lester, Matt Hanson to the list and it promises to be an incredibly strong field. It seems like Challenge Miami isn’t done with adding names, either, as the race organization told people to stay tuned because there is “more news to come.”

With ten strong athletes already set to compete at Homestead-Miami Speedway for this special event, it would appear that both the course and strong field will be similar to last year’s PTO 2020 Championship at Challenge Daytona. Just like in Challenge Daytona, triathletes will race on a Nascar Speedway over a unique middle-distance race including a 1,600 m swim, 62.7 km bike and 16.9 km run.

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