UCI bans “invisible aero bars” position too

UCI bans "invisible aero bars" position too. (Photo: Teamcompetities Triathlon, Tim Buitenhuis)

Earlier this week Sebastian Kienle and Cameron Wurf expressed their dissatisfaction over the UCI decision to ban the so-called “super-tuck,” where athletes sit on top of the top tube to gain an aerodynamic advantage. Now it seems that the “invisible aero bars” position will be banned, meaning athletes won’t be allowed to rest their forearms on the handlebars of a road bike anymore. Many cyclists disagree with the new rules, saying it’s “overly cautious.”

According to some athletes, it’s all part of the sport and this decision takes things too far. “Will they also ban us from drinking or eating while holding the bike with only one hand? Are we no longer allowed to hold onto a car when grabbing a nutrition bag? Or will cheering with your hands up in the air at the finish line be prohibited?” read some comments on social media.

The aerodynamic position is only forbidden on a road bike, so athletes will still be allowed to use aero bars in a time trial. As World Triathlon typically goes by UCI rules, it seems like the invisible aero bars position will also be banned in draft-legal triathlons.

Athletes who break one of the new rules will have to pay a fine of over 900 euros and lose 25 UCI points for WorldTour events, World Championships and the Olympics. The new rules will apply as of Apr. 1, 2021 (no joke).