Crush Covid charity ride raises over $425,000 and sees Zwift Women’s 24 hour record shattered

On Friday evening in Toronto, Canada, the Toronto Hustle Cycling team kicked off their Crush Covid 24 hour cycling challenge to raise money for the Michael Garron Hospital in the countries largest city. The event was a huge success and saw over 100,000 participants take part in the #CRUSHCOVID Challenge by Elite and Toronto Hustle on Strava. The event has reached over $425,000 raised with donations still open until for a number of days.

Toronto Mayor John Tory congratulated his colleague Brad Bradford (the principal at Toronto Hustle) on the success of the event which saw two of the female participants in the event chase the 24 hour stationary record previously set at 680 kilometers.

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New records set

Lucy Hampstead from Toronto Hustle had initially set out to beat the record during during the charity event and early into the ride she was quickly joined by fellow Canadian Heather Petrick as the race to beat the previous 24 hour record of 680 kilometers was on. Hampstead went on to cycle 812 km for the 24 hours, with Petrick completing a whopping 933 km.

Cycling Canada went on to congratulate both female athletes on their achievements.

Heather Petrick Strava