Lionel Sanders shares training data of Challenge Miami preparation

Lionel Sanders shares training data of Challenge Miami preparation. (Photo: Screenshot YouTube)

Lionel Sanders is known as a “training beast” who’s not afraid of some experimenting when it comes to finding the best training method. He regularly changes and adapts his approach and has shared his latest training philosophy: training in four different phases. Throughout the season the focus shifts from preparing for a sprint distance, to Olympic distance, to 70.3, and – finally – Ironman. After sharing the training data of the first phase, Sanders now gives an insight into the Olympic phase; which will hopefully turn out to be the perfect preparation for this week’s Challenge Miami.

“The best guys in the world are really fast. They are racing on the ITU circuit. So we should sort of mimic the training required to be an ITU guy, even if were are not racing on the ITU circuit. So how would we go about and do that? Well we will get ourselves into world-class sprint distance shape, then convert that training over and get ourselves into world-class Olympic distance shape, and from that, that’s going to give us the best shot at being the best 70.3 and Ironman racer. So we convert that Olympic distance shape into 70.3 shape, and then finally the 70.3 shape into Ironman shape.”