Team Angel Wolf accepts invitation to race Challenge Roth: “It’s all about inclusion”

(Photo: Facebook Team Angel Wolf)

“We are extremely proud to announce that Team Angel Wolf will be competing at Challenge Roth this year!” Challenge Family just announced. Last Friday, the team that strives for more inclusion in sport and features Nick and Rio Watson – was barred from participation at Ironman 70.3 Dubai within an hour before the start.

Nick and Rio, father and son, had already completed a total of 17 middle-distances races. Because of his disability, Rio is in a wheelchair – during the swim his dad pulls him in a kayak, on the bike he sits in a chair on the front of the bike, and on the run Nick pushes his son in a wheelchair.

“At Challenge Family, we are all about the athlete and, of course, being a family. It doesn’t matter if an athlete is old or young, fast or slow or maybe even disabled. All of our athletes count and no one is simply excluded from participation. It’s all about inclusion!” Challenge Family wrote on social media.