Challenge Taiwan all set to host over 6,000 athletes at the end of April

(Photo: Challenge Taiwan)

While in most places in the world events are only slowly being added to the calendar, Challenge Taiwan is getting ready for a big one with over 6,000 athletes signed up for their event for the weekend of Apr. 24-25, 2021 in Taitung. Following their motto “make your own story,” the team at Challenge Taiwan have worked hard to on a great event later this month, and will have more athletes competing than last year. Since the event includes Full-, Middle-, Olympic- and Sprint-distance races, along with a Junior Challenge and Team Relay race, it’s no wonder that the race has attracted so many athletes.

Like every other country around the world, Taiwan is working hard to fight the coronavirus, but, unlike many countries, Taiwan is doing a good job. “With the joint efforts of all people in Taiwan fighting the epidemic, Taiwan’s prevention effectiveness has dazzled the world,” race director Roan Chenn explains. “In addition to coordinated policies and building epidemic prevention facilities, Taiwan’s sports climate is also becoming more and more prosperous. People are really investing in sports like swimming, cycling and running at this point.”

“The story of Challenge Taiwan includes Taitung, mountains, ocean, enthusiastic residents, friends, families and every triathlete who comes to participate in the race,” Chenn continues. According to Chenn both the race and the surrounding area is worth a visit: “We have the longest coastline – 176 km – in the country, the best air quality, a rich geological landscape and refreshing scenery. Taitung is not only a perfect city for doing triathlon, it is also a sports tourism city. There are mountains and coast surrounding the city, night markets which have diverse food and drinks that offer, a unique aboriginal culture, and friendly residents. In Taitung you will discover that sports are not just sports, but a way to discover the city.”

Challenge Family CEO Jort Vlam is proud to watch Challenge Taiwan develop: “It’s amazing to see what the Challenge Taiwan team is capable of. Last year the team set up a race with such a large number of participants that it was actually considered impossible, and now they are even going to exceed that. That really is an incredible achievement. We can’t wait to welcome all these thousands of athletes at the end of this month in Taitung and make it an unforgettable Challenge Taiwan.”