Lucy Charles competes at Welwyn Hilly TT: “Added bonus coming away with the win”

Lucy Charles riding her new Cube at the Welwyn Hilly TT. (Picture: Instagram Lucy Charles / Neonmangoproduction)

Lucy Charles competed in the Welwyn Hilly Time Trial yesterday, a race against the clock over 31.1 miles, which is nearly 51 kilometers. The results are not yet online and Charles forgot her bike computer, but one thing is certain: the top British athlete won. “I’m thankful to have outdoor events back in the U.K. and added bonus coming away with the ladies win.”

“Debut time trial for my Cube. I’ve been doing this hilly 51km TT since 2015 and it’s one of my favourite courses as it has a bit of everything. Don’t ask me for any data as I forgot my bike computer, so nope it’s not on Strava. Guessing it doesn’t count?,” she laughs.

Last month, Lucy Charles placed second at Challenge Miami and she also took second at the SLT Arena Games in London.