Challenge North America announces new approach for USA market : “We drive towards better and more events in the future”

Photo: Bart Aernouts at Challenge Miami. Photo: Talbot Cox/ Bart Aernouts Facebook

After several successful editions of Challenge Daytona and a first, but equally successful Challenge Miami earlier this year, Challenge Family and Challenge North America have decided to each go their separate ways. This choice was made jointly and with the understanding that both parties will continue to be better able to organize iconic and unforgettable events in the future. Bill Christy and his team are making a move into multiple endurance races including mountain bike races, half- and full-marathons, run-bike-runs and bike races, all bundled in a new brand “CLASH USA.” Challenge Family is committed to stick to their triathlon formats and therefore separates from Challenge North America.

“We are rebranding as Clash, due to endurance sports being the ultimate clash of mind and body. The fierce competitions push athletes to finish and succeed while the body is ready to quit, a clear CLASH of desires every athlete faces,” said CEO of Challenge North America, Bill Christy. “We have enjoyed working closely and collaboratively over the last three years with Challenge Family delivering quality events throughout the U.S. and Europe. While the scope of the North American brand is expanding and taking on the new Clash name, we look forward to further engagement together leveraging both our brands for an enhanced athlete offering.”

Also, Challenge Family CEO Jort Vlam views the situation. “Together with the team of Challenge North America, we have put on wonderful races. Challenge Daytona was an iconic event for several years and last March we enjoyed seeing the very best athletes in the world at the inaugural Challenge Miami. For all those great races and unforgettable memories, I am grateful to the Challenge North America team and certainly to Bill Christy.”

Challenge Family continues to focus on its extensive portfolio of races around the world, including onboarding races in North America. “We feel it is important to offer our athletes great events in as many countries as possible. Equally important to us is that all those races are of a high quality, so that athletes enjoy them from start to finish and feel like true sports heroes. That is what we will always be committed to.”

When Clash announces new triathlons, these races will also count as qualification races for Challenge Family The Championship. Pro athletes will also be able to earn points for the Challenge Family World Bonus at Clash events.