Belgian triathlon cancelled due to extreme floods – race site underwater

(Photo: Triathlon International Haute Meuse)

Parts of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands are dealing with extreme weather that is causing floods that have take the lives of over 100 people. Many people have been forced to leave their belongings behind and seek shelter in a dry region. These extreme weather conditions will likely affect some triathlons that are planned in the near future. One race in Belgium has already been cancelled, as the race site is currently underwater: the Haute Meuse triathlon (Jul. 17-18).

“Our heart goes out to all the people that have been affected by this situation,” the municipality stated. It was soon clear that the water level of the Meuse – a river that runs through parts of Belgium, France and the Netherlands – was too high to organize a swim. While the organizers initially had hoped to organize a duathlon instead, the municipality decided on Thursday afternoon that it’s simply impossible.