Triathlete bit by muskie fish, needs 13 stitches: “It hurt really bad”

(Photo: Screenshot CTV News YouTube)

Usually, people would say there is no reason to be afraid of swimming in fresh water, because the fish wouldn’t bother you there. But even some fresh-water fish turn out to have teeth. That’s what triathlete Matt Gervais discovered a few days ago, after he had a painful encounter with a muskie … a fish with teeth. “Friday was not a good day”, he told CTV News in the video below, saying it felt “sharp and burning” when he got bit by the fish during his open-water training session.

“I kind of caught it eye to eye underwater with my goggles on and that was it,” he says of the incident. “There was, straight away, blood dripping down my elbow. It hurt really bad.” Gervais was taken to the hospital, where he received 13 stitches in his hand. According to researchers, a muskie would usually not bite a human, they just mistake a hand or foot for a prey fish. Gervais – who has a middle-distance race coming up in a few weeks – won’t easily forget about this experience. “There’s always that ‘what is lurking beneath’ [feeling], and now you’ve got more of an idea of what’s out there.”