Knibb named Collins Cup MVP

Photo: Professional Triathletes Organisation

No surprises there – her performance was possibly the best and also the biggest surprise of the Collins Cup. Taylor Knibb stunned fans with her huge win over PTO #1 Daniela Ryf and Teresa Adam, PTO #2, opening the day of racing and putting the USA on top. For her efforts the young American (she is 23) has been awarded the Erin Baker Award as the women’s Most Valuable Player for the Collins Cup.

It has been quite a summer for Knibb, who won a silver medal at the Olympics in the mixed team relay, won the World Triathlon Championship Grand Final in Edmonton, then had the fastest time of the day at the Collins Cup.

 “The night before the draft match-ups, Mark and I sat down with Taylor and told her that if we had the chance, we wanted to put her against Ryf, and she said she was ready,” said Team USA captain Karen Smyers. “While she clearly has great respect for the PTO World No. 1 and nine-time World Champion, Taylor has the fearlessness of youth, and she would never back down from the challenge.”

“Taylor’s performance was truly remarkable, and no one deserves the Erin Baker Award more than she does,” said Team USA captain Mark Allen. “I had the privilege of seeing Erin Baker race, and she was fearless and relentless, traits that we see in Taylor. She is a superstar in the making.”